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Classic Interior


Here at Agarmark Inc., we provide two options to help you manage the leasing of your home!  

Modern House

Full Service Property Managment

We provide the following services when you engage with us under the Full-Service Property Agreement

  • Vetting tenants - Using the most trusted entities to make sure we get reliable individuals into your properties

  •  Marketing of your property including Social media, showings, open houses

  • Rent collection on your behalf 

  • General maintenance

  • Emergency Legal Support 

  • Preparing audit reports and bookkeeping


Lease Only

A 30-day agreement where we take on the responsibility of marketing your property, vetting tenants, and providing the necessary contracts to do such. We aim to support you in finding individuals that you would trust to treat your home like their home. Once we have successfully leased your home our agreement is complete!

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